TagaBrew Michigan 100 Club 

​This includes retired breweries in Michigan..

​When you get to 100 please contact TagaBrew so we can send you your Certificate of authenticity and a Pandora like charm....

tagabrewusa@gmail.com or 269-628-2168


TagaBrew 100 Club Members

Tim Belanger                   

Stephanie Lynes /Doug                 

Kurt Torok                             

Kathy Ogrodzinski / Steve                    

Amy Kirkman

Herman Caplinger  

Angel Temple / Bruce                 

Todd Nash                              


Jason Price                            

Jade Krol

Tommy Gittens

Joanne Jones

Samantha Banley

Jeff Godwin

Stephanie Rameau

Elise Kraft

Deb Roels

Denise Saint Arnault

Jeff Priskon

​Gail Winsor

Stacey Rennee

Linda Waldron

Mark Waldron

Emily Bright

Lynda Wert

​Stacey Boals

Cassandra Horstman / Jay

​Carolyn Vandenbeldt

Joseph Todd

​Sue Hubartt

Jason Todd

Rich Long

Cheryl Stewart

Jennifer Matthews / Ken

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"2018" TagaBrew Michigan winners and Joni and Tim the winners of the growler holding contest....

Beer Advocate TagaBrew Article

​Jim and Debi are frequently visiting TagaBrew breweries.  If you see us and show us your TagaBrew we have a free BELIEVE charm just for you....