TagaBrew tm USA is Nation wide! Your State charm is on your chain...

​How does it work?  You buy and sell copper TagaBrew tags! 

 * 27 in chain  (Made in the USA & the same chain used for our Military Dog Tags)

      with a TagaBrew tag, beer bottle and your state charm / suggested retail from $5.00 to $6.00


​       *4in. chain with a TagaBrew tag, suggested retails is $2.00


​ The TagaBrew customer can only purchase the TagaBrew tag

with your Breweries name on it​ in your brewery. 

Most use the 27in. TagaBrew tag as the starter. 

Some collect 4in. TagaBrew  tags as they brewery hop. 

Some only buy the 27 in. and want just the memory from your place. 

Others buy the 4in. to hook on a key chain or Growler handle! 

​But the true die hard TagaBrewer will Buy the 27 in. chain

and work there way around the State to collect all copper tags.             

TagaBrew is an all State Ale Trail! 

​TagaBrewers can collect all State TagaBrew tags on one chain!

TagaBrewers can collect all State's in the USA as TagaBrew grows!

​"Be apart of the TagaBrew trail and watch your business grow"

TagaBrew tm USA

​​If you are a brewery and need pricing and information on

TagaBrew please contact Debi at  

tagabrewusa.gmail.com or call me at (269) 628-2168